Sunday, September 7, 2014

First Day of Art Class! What Do I Do?

It's 'back to school' time. What'll you do during that first art class?


Listing all your classroom rules can be  a little bit... BORING. Showing all your classroom procedures can be a little bit... BLAH. 

I know you do have to eventually go over those things. They are important.

But it is the first day. You know you want to do something  that will have some kind of 'WOW' factor. Well, how about showing an introduction to art class video that uses your avatar. 

Telligami is an app that works well if you like to make short classroom videos. You can read more about Tellagami in a previous post here.

This is my first day of  art class introductory video.  I call it The Top 10 Things You'll Learn in Art Class. 

Cheers! To another year of making great art! Let me know what you like to do on the first day of art class. 

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