Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How to Make a Classroom Avatar with Tellagami

An Easy to Use App- Tellagami

Hey guys! Here's my introduction for you to a fun app that I found while taking the iPad in the Art Room  on-line class this summer with AOE.  You might like it. In fact, you probably will like it! The app is called Tellagami. What it does is- create an avatar!

The avatar can be male or female. You get to chose the avatar's eye color, hair color and clothes. Your background can come from your camera roll or a pre-programmed one provided by Telligami.

Below, you see my avatar in front of the Egyptian pyramids. It's my way to introduce the kids to ancient Egyptian art in my 6th grade art class.

Once you've created the look of your avatar, create your script and  type in your text. You can chose to record your voice or use a pre-programmed male or female voice. 

You can also choose the emotion that you want your avatar to reflect- happy, sad, surprised, angry etc.

So Many Uses!

It's that simple! Now all you have to do is figure out how you'll use it in your classroom.

You'll probably think of many uses for Tellagami in the art room. You can introduce a lesson. Explain a concept in a painting. Use it at Meet the Teachers Night. Or have your students create an avatar to critique an art project.

Take a look at what I've done with Tellagami. It's my introduction on the first day of art class.

Can you think of a use for Tellagami? Do you know any other great apps to use in the classroom?

Also, if you travel as an art teacher, here are a few other apps I've found that may be helpful to you.

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