The Drawing Board

Here are some of my favorite (and most successful) middle school drawing lessons.
 Maybe you'll find something that will work for you and your class. 
Go ahead and look around!

Would you like to teach your students about Japanese Manga? You can find my
 lesson about it here.

This lesson about Aztec Sun Stones integrates math and art. You can take a look at it here.

One Point Perspective- put a vanishing point in the middle of your room, align your bed, a window and a door. Then start designing your 'Dream Bedroom"! You can learn more about this lesson 
by looking here.

American Gothic- Draw your 'farmhouse'  and add two figures in front of it. Add some symbols that represent you. If you want more detail about this lesson look here.

Graphic Design Methods- chose a symbol and repeat it 4 times using four different graphic design methods. If you want more detail about this lesson look here.

Working with Space- chose a symbol and draw it three times using shallow to deep space.

This lesson involves drawing your hand. But the twist is you're spelling out a word using American Sign Language. You can learn more about this lesson by looking at this post here.

In this lesson, the kids learn about Mandalas. They also learn about using analogous colors and symbolism. You can find out more about it 
by looking here.

If you found anything that you like let me know. I'd like to see how the lesson worked in your art room!

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