Sunday, March 13, 2016

Clay Owls- An Artist Trading Card Extension

Raise your hand if you like making Artist Trading Cards with your art classes! You can't see it, but my hand is held high.

Well, anyway, me and my students loved the whole Artist Trading Card swap project. Real excitement happened in the class. We got ATCs from around the country and around the world. That's why I decided to extend it into another project.

From 2D to 3D. Oh my!

After making our owls on the ATCs, it was time to move into a different medium. Owls made out of clay!  

The kids started out making clay slabs a quarter of an inch thick. They then used clay tools to cut out the shape of the owl.

After their owl shape is cut out, they added in details, such as wings, beaks and eyes.

Once the clay owls were dry, the kids then painted them with temper paint.

Here are some of the finished painted owls. They're just as cute as the ATCs!

After the paint dried I added magnets to the backs.

The clay owls ended up being a great lesson extension to our Artist Trading Cards.

If you want to find out more about the Artist Trading Card swap,  you can read about them and the swap at the blog Mini Matisse.  You can also find some info here.

Would these clay owls work in your art class? Did you find a way to extend your Artist Trading Card exchange? If you did, you can let us know about it below.

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