Wednesday, February 5, 2014

'Meet Your Teachers' Bulletin Board Display

A Bulletin Board, Why Not!

Usually I use the bulletin boards at school to showcase the art work that the kids have made. This time I thought- 'Hey, why not make a bulletin board that showcases the talented teachers in the school!'

Just In Time For Open House Night

We have an Open House coming up in another week. My school has a lot of talented, accomplished and intelligent teachers. And  everyone who came to the Open House needed to know!!! So I figured- there should be some way to have a display on Open House night that would showcase the backgrounds and talents of our faculty. 

An email went out asking for background information on each of our faculty members. I was looking for each teacher's educational background and 'something special'  that could be put on display. 

There was no way knowing how this would be received,  but I ended up getting lots of replies. One teacher even put that she used to ride a unicycle for her 'Something Special'!!! Who woulda thought that!

A template  was created with a section for the teachers name, educational background and the 'something special' section. Then I typed in each individual teachers' information. Then they all went up for display in the school foyer just in time for the Open House.

What do you think of the display? How do you showcase the teachers in your school? You can leave a comment below.

If you'd like to read about making a collaborative bulletin board, check out another post here.

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