Saturday, March 15, 2014

Substitute Binder- A Solution to a Problem You May Have Never Thought About

What Happens When You're Out Of The Classroom

Here's a post about something you've may not have ever thought of. And it may help you out down the road, because you may encounter the same problem I did when I was out of the classroom.

A Problem You May Not Have Thought About

A few weeks ago I attended an all day PD workshop. I really don't like the students working on the art projects while I'm out, because a lot of times the kids take advantage of the situation. No, really? (Just kidding!) So I left a cartooning DVD video for my classes to  watch and draw along with while I was gone.

What I didn't expect was that the sub didn't know how to work my computer/projector set up.  In fact, two fellow teachers had to come down to my room and try to figure out how to get the DVD video up and running and projected on to the white board. Luckily, they did get the DVD working for the sub. Whew!

A Solution

What I've done to avoid this situation in the future, is to add another form to my sub binder. It explains how to work my computer/ projector set up. It's easy to follow and explains everything step by step. Hopefully, if I'm ever out on a PD day in the future, this will help a sub avoid any problems in showing a DVD to my classes while I'm out.

Here's a copy of the  new form I've put into my sub binder to make it easier on future subs who come into my classroom.

Steps for Showing a Video

·    Insert disc into computer
·    Click on Start button- It’s on the bottom left
·    Click  on  Computer
·    Click on Devise with Removable Storage using right click
·    When pop up opens click on Play
·    Turn on the speaker tower on desk
·    Use ‘projector’ clicker on desk to start projector- red button, top left
·    Click on red X on top left of  computer screen when the video is over

Let me know what you think about this. I'd love to hear what you put in your sub binder. Would something like this be helpful to a sub who comes to your art room?

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