Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Making A Collaborative Bulletin Board

The third graders at my school are studying  different types of communities. So I figured I would try to find a way to incorporate an 'urban' art lesson to go along with their unit.

Luckily, I came across Ted Edinger's blog- Art With Mr. E. (Thanks Mr. E!) He had a post about a bulletin board he made at his school, that was an urban winter snow scene. And it was all done in neutral colors.

So I thought I would use his idea, but add a twist to it. 

Y'all ready for this?

We had so much snow this winter that I didn't want to see another snowflake. Anywhere! Even on a bulletin board! So I decided   to nix any snowflakes from the scene. 

Instead, we kept the neutral colored city backdrop, but added  colorful dinosaurs that were running lose throughout the city. Jurassic Park style! Actually, one of the third grade even made a Jurassic Park jeep to driving on the road. You can see it below.

Included in the board are brontosauruses, stegosauruses, woolly mammoths, pterodactyls and and megalodons. They are running around the city as the people are casually getting on with their daily business.

As  the board was going up some of the kids walking by starting yelling 'Sharknado!' as they saw the megalodons (prehistoric sharks, for those of you who may not know) go up. So awesome, another idea! A   couple of fifth graders made a tornado with some sharks flying out of it- Sharknado style! You can see it below in the upper right.

Along with the third grades making dinosaurs, the 4th grade helped out by drawing the buildings, the second grade painted the sky and drew cars  and the first grade contributed by drawing the people. With all those grades helping out, it was really a school-wide collaborative process making the bulletin board.

Much thanks to Mr. E and his blog for the inspiration of his winter scene  bulletin board!

What do you think of our Jurassic Park/urban scene mash up collaborative bulletin board? I'm all ears! Your comments are welcome below.

If you want to read about a bulletin board for Meet The Teachers Night, check out this post.

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