Friday, August 16, 2013

An App That Helps Create Great Art Class Demonstrations

Educreations- Another Helpful Teaching App

I've found another useful iPad app that works well in art class. It's called Educreations and it's great to use for class demonstrations. You can make your demonstrations at home and then you can either email them to your school address, put in Dropbox or link it to a website/weebly for future use.

The demonstration I've linked below is about facial proportions for portrait drawing. I first imported a photo of a face. Then while I'm marking out the proportions I record my instructions. You have 4 different drawing colors  available to chose from and the capability to type in text.

Check out the demonstration I made with Educreations below.

Demonstration- Portrait Proportions

Another good thing about Educreations is that they have a lot of samples available, so you can see what other teachers have created. They are organized by subject which makes it even more user friendly.

Let me know what you think about this app. How would you use it in art class?

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