Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Five More Ways to Inspire Your Students

    Here are five more artists in my Top 10 inspirational artists. Use them to inspire your students! They all suffered a disability and continued to create art!

    - Claude Monet gradually lost his eyesight to cataracts. His vision was restricted to mainly the blue range. He continued to paint in a more predominately blue palette.

    -   Toulouse-Lautrec had short, deformed legs as a result of riding accidents in his youth. His disability restricted his mobility, but he still continue to paint despite the challenges.

    -   Frida Kahlo wore a body brace due to childhood polio and a horrible bus accident when she was eighteen.  Many of her paintings reflect the physical pain she suffered through most of her life.

     -  Chuck Close, an American painter who was paralyzed in 1988 is a quadriplegic. 

    -  Dorthea Lange an American photographer who walked with a  limp due to contracting polio at the age of seven. She spent her life traveling the world photographing mostly the disenfranchised.  

    -  Al Capp an American cartoonist (L’il Abner) suffered a leg amputation at the age of nine.

Can you add to my list?  Do you know of any others artists who have faced a disability? Would they be an inspiration to others?

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