Thursday, July 26, 2012

5 Ways To Inspire Your Students? Part 1

Do you want to inspire your students? I say “Yes!” We all need someone to look up to and inspire us when times get tough. Here is are the first 5 of my Top 10 list of artist who have faced physical and emotional challenges. Not only did they  face their challenges, but they continued to create art. Let your student know that if they face challenges,  they can be over comers too!

1.       Manet had a leg  amputated and still created beautiful pastel flowers and portraits.

2.      Renior suffered a severe form of arthitis and his last paintings were made with brushes strapped to his wrists.

3.    Edgar   Degas  lost his sight. He continued to create wax models of dancing girls and horses.

4.      Vincent Van Gogh was considered ‘mad’ by his contempories.  He became one of the world’s most beloved artists.

5.    Claude   Monet gradually lost his eyesight to cataracts. His vision was restricted to mainly the blue range. He continued to paint in a more predominately blue palette.

  I will have another post soon of 5 more physically challenged artists who continued to create.

 What do you think?  Is there an artist you know about who would be an inspiration to the students in you class?

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