Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pop Art Painting

I love teaching about Pop Art in art  class.   I love the bright colors and  the fun attitude of the style. Maybe you do too. One of my favorite Pop Art lessons is based on Andy Warhol's Soup Can.

Divide your paper into 4 sections. In each of those sections draw a cylinder. Make sure the cylinder is centered in each section.

Divide the cylinder into two sections- upper and lower.  In the center of each cylinder, design a circular logo.

Go ahead and  figure out what kind of soup you want- no tomato or chicken noodle. Um, those have already been done- by Andy Warhol! Create your own style soup.

Outline everything in black Sharpie, then start painting. We used watercolor for these.

I have another lesson on Pop Art painting with a  different twist. You can view it here.

What do you think about our soup cans? How do you teach Pop Art? I'd love to hear about your Pop Art lessons.

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