Saturday, March 2, 2013

How to Use a Graphic Organizer to Display Your Objectives

Do you get tired of repeating the same instructions over and over again? I do! Do you want a simple and clear way to convey information that's easy for the students to understand too? Make a graphic organizer of your lesson objectives!

For some of my lessons, after I have given the introduction of what we are going to be doing for a project I display a graphic organizer with the lesson objectives. Its a helpful reminder, it makes my objectives clear and always available to refer to. I display them on the board and the students can go up and check to see if they are on the right track with their project. Here are a few examples.

American Gothic

Above is the graphic organizer for a symbolism lesson I do using Grant Wood's American Gothic.  I have it organized to show how Wood used symbols to represents the three ideals in the painting- faith, family and hard work.  Each column represents one of the ideals symbolized in the painting.

Emphasis or Focal Point

Above is the graphic organizer I use for a lesson on emphasis or focal point. It is organized into the five columns that represent the 5 methods we've learned (Subordination of Accessories, Placement, Arrangement of Lines, Color Scheme and Organization of Accessories). Each column explains how to use that method in an art work.


Above is the graphic organizer I use for a lesson on Cubism. It is not as involved as the other two, it's more simplistic. It's a guide that shows how to recognize the characteristics of a Cubist painting.

Aboriginal Folk Art Lesson Objectives

Using these organizers encourages the students to be personally responsible.  If the students want reassurance their doing their work right, I can just say "Check the organizer on the board." It helps the kids to become more accountable for their work. I don't have to keep repeating the same instructions over and over again.

Would this work in your art room? I'd love to hear what you think about using a graphic organizer like these.

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