Sunday, February 24, 2013

4 Tips on Being a Better Listener

Is Any One Listening?

Sometimes things can get in the way of having a conversation with a middle school student. A thirteen year old can be highly emotional and take things the wrong way. Then things can take a wrong turn and escalate.  And we all know there are no 'winners' in this type of situation.

Keeping Things Under Control

One way to keep things calm and cool is to be a good listener. It shows that you care and are interested in what your students are saying. And ultimately shows them that you think they have value and their opinion matters.

Some tips to be a better listener-

1. Listen to what your student is saying. Their viewpoint will never make sense to you if all you are worried about is defending your own viewpoint.

2. Don't be more concerned with what you have to say than what is being said.

3. If the current time is not convenient to talk, simply tell you student that another time would be better, that you are busy right now.

4. Don't assume what your student is going to say. You don't know what another person is going to say until they say it. Listen!

Do you have any tips on being a better listener. Let me know!

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