Saturday, March 30, 2013

More Collages! How to Make Collage Books

This is a student favorite- collage books. 

I do a couple of different versions of these books. But this is a sample of  a collage book that is about your favorite artist- musical or visual.

For this example, the student chose singer Bob Marley as the artist. It was required to have visual images and text related to the artist on each page. If you look closely, there are different pictures of Bob Marley and his homeland Jamaica in the book. There are also lines from some of his most famous songs.

We  do research on background information about the artists. Then find the images and text by doing a computer search in the computer lab. The images and text must be overlapped and juxtaposed. My school doesn't have a color printer, so the images can be colored in with marker or colored pencil.

The front cover is made from left over corrugated cardboard. The other pages are made of poster board cardboard. Different style scrap papers are provided to chose from to decorate each page. The books are only four pages long and are held together by binding rings from Staples.

Cover of book

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3
What do you think of the collage books? I'd love to hear about any books you make in art class. Or any favorite collages that you do.

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