Sunday, September 16, 2012

How to Build a Better Team in Art Class

I graduated from a SEC football college (go Vols!), so every once and a while I like to read about college football. One day I came across an article on how some football teams have a tradition of tapping a sign before they run out onto the field. It's a custom that unites them as a team, inspires them to work together and do their best to reach their goal of winning the game.

Bingo! It gave me an idea. Why can't I have some kind of tradition for my students when they come into the room. A tradition that will remind them that we are a united team working toward our goal- Learning to think and solve problems through the arts.

Therefore- I have a wooden class cow right next to the front door. The students tap him as they walk in the room. I tell the students to tap and think positive. It's a fun way to unite us by tradition at the start of class. The students look forward to seeing and tapping the cow and they know positivity is important in the art room.

The class cow dressed for St. Patrick's Day

What do you think about the class cow? Do you have a  tradition in your classroom?  Let me know if you do! 

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