Saturday, August 25, 2012

Word Wall- Designed to Learn

My word wall is the center of  learning in my class. You can’t miss it. It fills a whole wall with our vocabulary- the Principles and Elements of Design. 

Not only does is have our design vocabulary, it has visuals to go along with the vocabulary. The students can see how artists have used those concepts in a piece of art.

Everything we do in class revolves around it- the warm ups, the critiques, and the project objectives all somehow involve using these vocabulary words.

Do you have a word wall in your art room? How do your students use it? Let me know!



  1. That is fabulous! My Elements wall needs a lot of work. I think I will start on this tomorrow. I like that you keep it really simple - not a lot of words under each Element. I tend to get wordy.

    I love your blog. I get new ideas every time I visit!

  2. Thanks for the input, Sarah. I enjoy visiting your blog, too. It's great to be able to exchange ideas in this 'blogging world.' Everyone benefits!


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