Thursday, December 24, 2015

Onomatopoeia- Elementary Style

If you follow this blog (and if you do, I sooooo appreciate you stopping by!!!), you know, that I like teaching onomatopoeia in the art class. You can check out my middle school take on it here. Well, I found out that onomatopoeia is now part of the new 4th grade ELA curriculum. Well, time to brush off my onomatopoeia lesson! Integrate it with with ELA  and modified it for the 4th graders.

We started off watching a Keynote about Roy Lichtenstein and his Pop Art Style of art. The kids learned that it is:

* Comic book influenced
* Has bold, flat color
* Has thick, black lines
* And uses Ben Day dots

Then we discussed what onomotopeia is. Since the kids had already started writing poetry using onomatopoeia in ELA class, our discussion went well. The kids had a lot to say about it! Woo Hoo for cross curricular lessons!

Went it came time for the kids to come up with what onomotopeia word they would use for their painting, I had three conditions or options. There onomotopeia had to be either a sound effect from nature (volcano exploding, a strong wind, an earthquake), an animal sound (a snake hiss, an owl hooting, a lion roar) or an action sound (something falling, something crashing down, etc). There are many styles of onomatopoeia, but I just picked these three to help the kids limit the sounds to be used. Sometimes it can be too overwhelming if there are too many options.

The following are works in progress.

The following are finished paintings. We used tempera paint and black, fine line sharpies for these.

What do you think of our onomotopeia paintings? Have you ever modified a lesson for a different grade level? You can comment below.

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