Saturday, May 23, 2015

Teaching Texture

Do you need a way to introduce texture to 2nd graders?  This lesson may be an easy way for the little ones to understand the concept.

You can read on...

Have the kids draw and cut out a bird and a branch from some colored paper. They can create a pattern on the bird with markers by adding repeated lines, shapes and colors to it.

You'll get lots of variety, as you can see below.

After they have designed their patterns they can pick out a feather that they think will match with their bird. (This is the most exciting part for the kids!) Let the students feel the softness of the feather. You can let the kids know that the soft feeling is what texture is. The feather can then be added to the bird as a tail with white glue.

The kids can then finish up by adding a night sky with maybe a moon and  some stars.

They come out kinda cute, don't cha think?

What do think of these texture birds? Would they work in your art class?
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