Thursday, April 23, 2015

What's Your "Dream Cheeseburger" Collage

You have a chance to eat 'your dream cheeseburger'. What would it look like? Think about it for a minute. Would it have pickles and onions, tomatoes and bacon or guacamole, onion and tomato? Maybe you want to make something totally different like a Hawaiian burger with pineapples and spam, a Mac and Cheese burger or a fried egg cheese burger. 

Oh, wow! They all sound great! (Eh, well maybe some do.)

That is the question I ask the kids when we start this lesson. And we come up with a lot of ideas for that perfect cheeseburger.

After that introductory question, we watch a Keynote slide presentation that has a variety of cheeseburgers from chefs and restaurants from around the country. And even more ideas are passed around.

Then we start in, creating ours with assorted pieces of colored paper. After the pieces are cut out and glued down, we use construction paper crayons to draw in all the extra details.

What do you think of our 'dream cheeseburgers'? Would this lesson work 
in your classroom?
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