Saturday, December 27, 2014

An Art Lesson For My K- 2 Autistic Students

Here is simple art lesson I did with my K- 2 autistic class. And... it involves a literacy component!

I start the lesson by showing the kids an image of Frosty looking up at a star. We then talk about how sometimes people look up at a star and make a wish. While the kids start working with simple shapes to make their Frosty, I asked them to start thinking about the question "What do you wish for in the year 2015."

After they were done putting everything together, the kids then tell me what their wish  for the New Year is.

Here is what some of the kids came up with.

Here's another post I've written about autism in the art room. 

 Do you have an art lessons that works well with your autistic students? How about sharing your secrets in the comments below?

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