Sunday, November 30, 2014

Portraits- With A Colorful Twist

What would happen if you ate a box of crayons?!

That's the question I ask my class when we begin this art lesson. As you can imagine, I get all kinds of answers. And some of the replies they come up with are pretty funny.

We start off drawing an oval shape for the head in the middle of the paper.  The kids then add  the eyes, nose and mouth. I usually tell the kids if their hair started changing colors their mouth would probably drop open in awe. But they can add any facial expression they like. They then add a neck and shoulders.

We then start dividing the background into into different shapes that fan out to the edges of the paper. Some lines going toward the shoulders, right and left sides and top of the paper.

They then outline all the pencil lines with a black Sharpie.

We then start discussing what patterns are- repeating lines, shapes and colors. Then the kids start designing their patterns in the hair. They use either crayons or colored pencil to create the patterns.

Oh, and here's the bulletin board I created with these. It was titled 'Look what happens... when you eat a box of crayons!!!' 

What do you think about these portraits? What do you think would happen if you ate a box of crayons? I'd love to hear if these would work in your art class.

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