Saturday, November 22, 2014

How To Draw 2 Point Perspective Castles

Hey, do you need an art project that injects a little history into it? Well, you might want to try this 2 point perspective project on castles.

Here's how the project is introduced.  The kids are asked- What is the difference between a palace and a castle? You'll get a lot of different answers but we eventually get to the nitty gritty: a palace is for pleasure/recreation and a castle is for protection. I then review the background history, who it protects and the different parts of a castle- the walls, the moat, the towers, etc. Reviewing all the parts of the castle helps them to  start thinking about what they will put into their castle.

There's a lot of using a ruler and measurements involved, depending on the size of your paper. The size paper we use is 12 x 18. Here's the run down on how we get  the different sections of the castle set up. Check out the visual below.

The things that are required by the kids to do are- line up windows to the vanishing points, add towers, a mote and some kind of landscaping. Kids like to add  a lot of extras such as, flags, brick work and a bridge over the moat, but I don't require those.

A work in progress
This project works well because the kids can really come up with their own twist to it. There are so many ways they can change it up and make it their own. You always get a lot of different style of castles. 

What do you think of this 2 point perspective project? Do you have a castle project that works in your art class? I'd like to hear about it in the comments below.

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  1. What grades have you done this with?

    1. Hi Hannah, that's a great question! I did this project with 8th graders. I would always do 1 point perspective first when they were in 7th grade, to help ease into the more advanced 2 point drawing. You can check out a 1 point project here:


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