Sunday, August 31, 2014

Drawing Lesson: Close, Closer and Closest

Framing Your Image

How do you frame your image, especially in regards to other objects in your picture?

This is the question the kids have to think about when they do this project. Framing the subject of your picture can make the difference between a picture that is aesthetically pleasing and one that is not.

Pick Your Subject

Ask the kids to pick a subject to draw. They then have to draw it three times with three different views. On up close, one closer and one the closet.

The kids need to remember in the first box (close) they need to put the most visual information  for the subject's surrounding or background.

When they are drawing the last box (closest) they really need to think about the position of the subject in the picture. They need to remember that  the viewer's attention needs to focus on the subject of the picture. The background is not as important in this view.

Picking the right frame for the subject of our pictures can add interest to the picture, something that we want when we are drawing.

What do you think of this drawing lesson? I'd like to hear your thoughts.

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