Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Educreations- How to Make a Video Tutorial

Have you been thinking about creating a video lesson that you can share with your students? Or maybe you want a new way to review before an assessment. Or your looking for a way to give additional assistance to struggling students. I have  an easy to use app to share with you. Maybe it can help you

It's called Educreations. And it's an easy to use app that lets you turn your IPad into an record-able, interactive whiteboard. You can easily make video tutorials that  let you explain, diagram, draw, add text or add commentary to any lesson with the simple touch of a button. It has a great array of features that includes: voice recording, the ability to import of multiple images, editing tools, the ability to embed your tutorial into your teacher website.

You can also browse through the Educreations archives. You'll find some examples of featured tutorials showcasing how teachers have used the app. Great for inspiring your own creations.

The best of all- Educreations is free!

You can take a look at a tutorial I made. I use it to introduce a portrait lesson to my 6th graders.

Do you think Educreations would work in your art room? I'd love to hear how you'd use this app.

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