Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Scream- What's Your Fear?

What's your fear? This is the question I start out asking the kids for this crayon resist lesson on Edvard Munch mysterious picture 'The Scream'. 

Distorting Your Fear

Their fear can be of anything, (real or imagined) as long as they use our vocabulary word 'distortion' in the depiction of their fear. Could it be bacon, a Pop Tart, Skittles? As long as the kids have somehow 
altered or twisted the original shape, so it is a distortion of the thing they are afraid of, it'll work.

A fear of bacon

Crayon Resist

We started out drawing our 'fear' using oil pastels. Making sure they press down hard to get a thick layer of color.

Starting with oil pastels

A fear of dolls

Using Color Families

After the oil pastel colors have been added the kids then can start painting with watercolors to create a resist effect. I have them paint a section of warm, cool and earth tone colors. For the 'Scream' the kids use neutral colored oil crayons.

Painting warm colors in the sky

A fear of Pop Tarts

A fear of Skittles

A fear of a mouse

A fear of Siri

 If you want to see my 'how to' on drawing My 'Scream' here it is- My 'Scream'

What do you think of our 'Scream' paintings? Do you use "The Scream" in your art class? You can comment below.

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