Saturday, December 14, 2013

Clay Slab Birds

We recently made these Sculpty clay slab birds. They were fun to make and all were sooo unique.

Clay Slabs

First, we rolled out the clay into slabs. The kids had previously made tracers for the body and cut out the shape using clay tools. They then rolled out more slabs and cut out a head, beak and wings, etc.  We also made sure to poke out holes using a pencil for tail feathers and legs.

After all the birds were cooked we then began to paint them with acrylics. The kids can mix together any colors they want.

The 'extras'

Our next step was to then add our 'extras'.

The 'extras' we added were glitter, button eyes, jewels, yarn, pipe cleaners and ribbons tail feathers. The holes we made by the tail was a good place to add the ribbons and pipe cleaners. You can add anything else you can think of.

What do you think of our birds? Have you ever tried making clay birds? I'd love to hear about it!
 photo 9e84b6d2-019e-470a-9ca9-82a655aa6864_zps685b7350.png

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