Saturday, January 5, 2013

Drawing a Texture Teddy Bear

Working With Texture

I always have a hard time thinking of projects that let the students work with texture. These little bears seem to do the trick. Maybe it will work for you too.





Practice First

First, we draw our bear and practice putting concentric shapes inside the bear parts (stomach, feet, arms, head, and ears). We then do more practice; making textures lines (fur) from the outside  to the inside of the concentric shapes.


When they feel comfortable with all the practice,  I have the students figure out some cold weather/holiday gear for their bears to wear. After all of this, they are ready for their finals.
For the final, the texture fur is made with ultra fine black Sharpies. The clothing is colored in with fine point Sharpies.

Some students made the Teddy Bears into a card and others mounted them as a picture.

A rough draft and a final

On my Presentation page you can view my Prezi that has a more in depth explanation.

I'd love to hear about your texture projects.

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